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Learning to Read French Books During a Pandemic

Young boy reading book sitting up in bed with stuffed Panda

Mar 31, 2021

The past year has been a pretty wild ride for all of us, and some beginner readers may have had trouble learning to read. No worries! OPL is here for you with a ton of French resources from its Early Readers collection.

Why is reading so important?

  • Reading is a top predictor of a child’s academic success.
  • Reading improves writing skills.
  • Reading helps develop attention and concentration in all children, including those diagnosed with a learning difficulty.
  • Reading develops the imagination and the organization of ideas, and builds vocabulary, critical thinking skills and empathy.

IN SHORT – Reading is an essential building block for success.

Early readers French resources available at OPL:

 Canadian books

Non-fiction books: Did you know some readers like to read up on topics that interest them, instead of stories?

Books by First Nations authors

Preschool and kindergarten levels

Young boy surprised with open book in hands


  • Read” pictures from left to right and understand—with a little help from their favourite characters—how stories are organized 
  • Learn the basics: letters or sounds (on, cr, in, etc.)

Recommended books:

Grade 1

A young girl a reading a book.

  • Read and laughwith super weird superheroes, clumsy animals, zombie broccoli and ghosts.

Some books include questions to help you guide your kids in their reading comprehension.

Recommended books:

Grade 2

A young girl seated reading a book


  • Read very short, illustrated chapters
  • Encourage your child to read a “big kid” book.

Recommended books:

Grade 3

A young boy on the grass reading a book


  • Read longer, more complex books.

Recommended books:


graphic representation of 2 adults and 2 kids senciled on ashphalt

  • Reading and Parents Program packs include a book, activities, songs, crafts and an educational guide for parents.

EN FRANÇAIS: Programme de lecture en famille

* Packscreated by Alternative Learning Styles and Outlooks (ALSO) for the Reading and Parents Program (RAPP), in partnership with Moi, j’apprends.