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Leaves are falling


Here are a few lovely "leafy" picture books to read aloud with preschoolers to celebrate these bright, crisp days of autumn. Leaves of every shape and colour abound in Lois Ehlert's Leaf Man. Collages of autumn leaves fill this charming story about a man made of leaves who is blown through the world. Cut out pages that reflect an autumn horizon and detailed illustrations fill this book with visual surprises. Another charming read is A Little Yellow Leaf by Carin Berger. Again filled with collages this is the story of a leaf that does not want to fall from the tree and hangs on valiantly even as winter closes in. It is not until another leaf invites him to let go does he takes the plunge and they soar away into the wind. In Leaves by David Ezra Stein a young bear is faced with a changing world when the leaves begin to fall from the trees around him. At first he trying to fix the problem by reattaching them to the tree but soon realizes the situation is too much for him to deal with. Unsure of what to do bear does what all bears do and takes a long nap. When he awakens in the spring he happily finds the new leaves appearing on the trees and all is right with the world. Another creature experiencing autumn for the first time appears in Mouse's First Fall by Lauren Thompson. Mouse and older sister Minka set out on a windy autumn day, playing hide and seek and jumping through the brightly coloured leaves. This is another charming addition to the best selling series about Mouse that will capture preschoolers’ imagination.

Leaves aboundby Sunnyside_Library

Autumn reads for preschoolers. Good reads for Toddlertime.