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Let's talk Austen


In my last post I wrote to you all pleading to check out a literature classic. I also recommended watching film versions of the novels in case the reading was a little to heavy for you. But silly old me forgot to mention that there are lots of wonderful retellings of classics, which modernize the appeal of a well established piece of work.


In my last post I wrote to you all of F. S. Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Today, let’s talk female writers. Let’s talk Austen.


When you hear Jane Austen’s name, what comes to mind? All I think of is lush romances. Ew.


I’m just kidding. There’s a lot more to Austen’s novels than what meets the eye of the reader. She has inspired a countless number of writers all around the world.


I recently checked out a book from my local library by the name of Jane Austen Goes To Hollywood. (Also available as an ebook)  I have to say, it was kind of an impulse. Normally the books I check out are filled with intriguing mysteries, exotic travelling locations, or – my guilty pleasure – vampire romances. But I took a chance with checking out this book – and surprise surprise, I loved it!


Jane Austen Goes to Hollywood


The book is a redo of the Austen classic Sense and Sensibility, a tale of two sisters. We encounter Grace and Hailie, two very different siblings. One governed by head while the later governed by heart. Personally, I loved how the reader modernized the novel by making the girls half African American, hence adding a new twist to the original. I really enjoyed flipping through the pages of their lives. It was quirky. It was different. It was fun.

If you’re looking for a cute new read to add some spice to your reading life, I encourage you to check it out. It’s an easy read with lots of real life elements I feel teens and tweens could relate to, young love included.


Happy reading everyone!