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The Library goes to Ottawa Comiccon September 8 to 10

photo of star wars

Sep 01, 2023

Hello bibliophiles, anime enthusiasts, and all-around bookworms! Get ready to put down your laser sword and pause your manga reading because Ottawa Public Library (OPL) is going to Ottawa Comiccon from September 8 to 10 - and we're bringing the house down, library-style! 

We're talking OPL—the coolest library in the 613, okay?  

Goodies, Goodies, and More Goodies! 

Did someone say free stuff? Yep, you heard that right. We're bringing the goods—literally. Swing by our booth for free graphic novels (get 'em while they're hot), buttons to accessorize your costumes, and some other special OPL SWAG that you'll just have to come and see for yourself. Don’t forget to bring a friend so they can register for a free library card. 

Green Screen photos 

Ever dreamed of standing shoulder to shoulder with your comic heroes? Fantasized about flying through the galaxies or joining the ranks of the Justice League? Well, dream no more! Our green screen photo booth is here to whisk you off to wherever your heart desires. Don't forget to tag us @opl_bpo so we can marvel at your awesomeness. 

Why Graphic Novels? 

"But OPL," we hear you say, "I thought libraries were all about leather-bound classics and dusty encyclopedias." Wrong-o! Libraries are evolving, folks, and we've got as many graphic novels as there are iterations of Spider-Man.  

So, whether you're into Neil Gaiman or Naoko Takeuchi, we've got something that will tickle your fancies. 

See you there, superheroes, wizards, and time-travelers! In the meantime, here's a geeky cookbook-list!

Geek Out With OPL - Cook Books
by Ann_OPL

Indulge your inner geek with food and drink inspired by the fictional worlds you love. Everything from the MCU, Middle Earth, and Hogwarts to Azeroth, Hydaelyn, and the Black Spire Outpost in a Galaxy Far Far Away.


So excited for this!

Counting down the days to ComicCon! We have so much to share with everyone, so we hope to see you all there. I've got some more geeky book lists in store :)

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