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The Library wants your input on planning future branches!

Public Engagement on Facilities Planning

Tue, Jul 19, 2022

Have your say to help shape decisions on facilities planning. From July 18 to September 15, the Library is conducting a public consultation to confirm that the draft Facilities Framework reflects the needs of the Ottawa community.  

The Library invites Ottawa residents to share their thoughts and views on access to Library branch services by completing a survey available in English and French, online and in branches. Your input will help finalize the Framework and make decisions regarding future OPL facilities.  

The Framework will serve as a roadmap to ensure more equitable coverage to Library branch services across Ottawa. It will also allow OPL to identify gaps in terms of access to Library branches and to determine how we plan to address these gaps. 

It is essential that this new Facilities Framework reflects the diverse needs and composition of the Ottawa community.  

Your participation in the survey is important to us.  

Spare some time to: 

  • Watch an online presentation outlining the key points of the Draft Facilities Framework or 

  • Read the Draft Facilities Framework, which is available online, in English and French. You can also request a hard copy at your home branch.  

  • Complete the survey online or ask for a hard copy and drop it off at a branch once completed.   


Bring your questions on Tuesday, August 23, to a bilingual virtual “open house” session from 7 pm to 8 pm. It is another opportunity for you to better understand the approach and the intended use of the Facilities Framework. Register for the session on Eventbrite and the meeting link will be sent to you by email.  

Note that participants will be advised to watch the online presentation or review the framework prior to joining the virtual open house. 

Questions related to the Facilities Framework Public Engagement can be directed to

Thank you for your feedback and participation! 


new branch


Re: New Branch

Thanks for your feedback Kmanicks. We have great news! In June 2022 the OPL Board approved building a new library branch in Riverside South. Working with the City’s Recreation department we hope to reach out to the community in 2023 to begin design planning. You can find full details in the report:

the draft plan does a great job incorporating -equity & learning

I like how you frame the uniqueness of each library and neighborhood setting, not one size fits all, or one subset category has to fit. The call out to bridge with . of the city/community seems wise. Not that I know how you would do that. I like the complexity of bridging our city with international standards of libraries too. Best of all, the focus on libraries - helping people to Do things, apply our knowledge. Now the challenge in this town is to get groups and organizations to cooperate and aim for Community Asset and Capacity Building? (some kind of Asset Based Community Development? Will hospitals, health and resource centres, schools, business', housing groups, associations start? Are there already local examples ? Thanks for the work,

Re: the draft plan does a great job incorporating

Thank you for your comment billdare. Asset based community development certainly appeals to us. We have great examples from the City of Ottawa; the Park Animation Community Team, the Neighbourhood Ambassador Program, and the Rideau Hub to name a few.

In Ottawa we travel further to the library

The 90% of Ottawa’s population in the urban area must travel on average 2.29 km to a library branch. The equivalent for other major Canadian cities is 1.8 km. Why is that acceptable?

Re: In Ottawa we travel further to the library

Thanks for your feedback JDR. As mentioned in the presentation (timestamp 10:50), the city of Ottawa has a lower population density compared to other major Canadian cities. This makes comparing Ottawa to other cities a challenge. OPL recommends using 3kms for urban areas as a good start in adding some parameters to facilities development, recognizing that the metric can be reduced overtime as intensification occurs – in line with the City’s overarching Official Plan intentions.

Re: In Ottawa we travel further to the library

Please answer the question which was specifically about the urban area, not the total area. The rural area seems to be covered if you accept the criteria proposed in the document.

Pedestrian access to the new main branch

The new main branch site is not on any current bus routes, with the idea that it is near the Pimisi station. Will there be a shortcut from the station to the library? Will it be covered, or at least maintained in winter? Also, the nearby intersection is currently very dangerous for pedestrians. Will it be redone in a way to make it safer for us coming on foot from Centretown? After all, we will have a longer way to go; the least that should be done is to make access safe and pedestrian friendly.