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The Lightkeeper's Daughters: read along with Ontario from October 15 to 29


Together We Read Ontario is a special eRead-along for Ontario fiction lovers during two weeks of Library Month. 

Overdrive is sponsoring this Ontario-wide Read with unlimited access to Jean Pendziwol's first adult book, The Lightkeeper's Daughters about two twin sisters and their family who grew up on a remote island on Lake Superior, their father as the lightkeeper.  Isolated on the island of Porphyry, life was magical and mysterious, and this resonates into the present.  Elizabeth, now elderly, blind and in a seniors' home in Thunder Bay, meets Morgan, a teenager required to do community service work.  They are thrown together and find commonality with music, art, and with the recent unexpected gift of Elizabeth's father's journals from his time as lightkeeper. Morgan is willful, but under the influence of Derrick who presuades her to put her art into graffiti, and to help supply him with the seniors' potent drugs to sell to his druggie clients.  She wants to please him, but she's captive to Elizabeth's story through the old journals that she reads aloud to the elderly resident. What will Morgan do, and what will she discover while working with Elizabeth at the senior's home?  What about the mysteries of Elizabeth's past, being told through the journals and her memories? 

Dip in with the rest of us to find out how these 2 females connect through yesterday's memories and today's circumstances, in this very Ontario tale - with eBook access to everyone from October 15 to 29!.


Image: The Lightkeeper's Daughters

The Lightkeeper's Daughters

A Novel
By Pendziwol, Jean