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Lights, Camera, Ottawa!

Oct 09, 2020

Ottawa’s film, television, and animation industry is a vibrant sector contributing over $100 million to the local economy each year. With the rapid growth of the industry and the addition of a soundstage in the next couple of years, there are opportunities for locals who want to be involved!  Join us for four exciting evenings online that will introduce you to Ottawa’s live-action and animation production sector.  The introductory session given by Bruce Harvey, Ottawa Film Commissioner, gives an overview of Ottawa’s film industry.  Bruce will share the Ottawa Film Office’s sizzle reel with clips of shoots done in Ottawa--from Jennifer Lawrence to Michael Keaton, Hollywood's biggest stars have shot in Canada's capital.  The following sessions gather panelists from the film, animation and television industries to talk about their particular industry, share information and answer questions.  Learn what it takes to break into the film and television industries, what they look for in animators, and how residents (English speaking and Francophone) can get involved in these growing industries. 

All interested in film, animation and television, whether as viewers or to get involved themselves, will be fascinated by the insider information and the chance to meet local producers, casting directors, and studios virtually through this series.  

This series is offered in partnership with the Ottawa Film Office.  

Ottawa's Film Industry: Past, Present and Future Did you know that Ottawa is home to one of the first films to be projected in Canada? Ottawa is an attractive filming destination for all types of productions, Hollywood productions and made-for-TV holiday films.  Join Ottawa Film Commissioner Bruce Harvey as he gives an introduction to the Ottawa film industry – it’s history, what type of productions are being filmed here today, where the current industry is heading.  Bruce will also talk opportunities for growth with the Soundstage Campus and Creative Hub and exciting new technologies. 

November 18, 7 pm

So, You Want to be in the Movies? Hundreds of locals work in Ottawa’s film and television industry on a range of productions, from Canadian TV series to multimillion-dollar feature films – and of course, the beloved Hallmark Christmas movies. The types of jobs are varied and can appeal to those with or without knowledge of the industry, such as production assistants, accountants, carpenters and composers to directors, actors, and office staff. As the film industry continues to grow in Ottawa, so too does the demand for cast and crew. 

Join us for an engaging panel discussion with representatives from the local film industry --production coordinators, casting directors, and lo cations managers -- moderated by Ottawa Film Commissioner Bruce Harvey, that will explore what it takes to break into the film industry, how productions are coping with COVID-19 restrictions, and how businesses and residents can become involved in the action.

November 25, 7pm

Let’s Get Animated!

Did you know that Disney’s Mickey Mouse series is created in Ottawa, or that the city annually hosts one of the largest animation festivals in the world? Ottawa’s reputation as a world-class animation centre is perhaps one of the city’s best kept secrets! Join Ottawa Film Commissioner Bruce Harvey as he moderates a panel discussion with Ottawa’s leading animation studios. Together, they’ll discuss the types of projects animated in Ottawa, what they look for in animators, and how they’re coping with the increasing demand for new, original content for platforms like Netflix and Amazon.  

December 2, 7pm

Annulé:  Alors, vous voulez passer à la télé?  (en français) In addition to full-length films shot in Ottawa, this city is home to a very active Francophone television production community.  Local companies such as Slalom, Balestra and Carte Blanche Films produce hours and hours of television content each year, working on stories that bring the Francophone communities together.  This round table of producers and talent agents will discuss the challenges and opportunities of producing content in French in Ottawa, and how Francophone residents can get involved in this exciting and growing field. 

Film and Animation Industry
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Live-action and animation production, how to be an actor, tips on auditioning, resources for monologues, and more.

Ottawa Film Office 2018 Sizzle Reel