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The Little Book of Hygge


The Little Book of Hygge

By Meik Wiking

Hygge is about creating a satisfying life, Danish style. This is the opposite of the Hollywood life, which is endlessly on display for the sole purpose of inspiring envy. Showing off is not hygge.  Enjoying the company of others, sharing good food in a warm atmosphere is very hygge. Actively creating an environment, in which all players are equal, is integral to this way of thinking. In our culture, which values immediacy and flash, this stands out as an island of quiet. 

Hygge goes beyond cozy, however. Imbedded deeply into this way of thinking is a fundamental respect for others and an awareness of their well-being.  This philosophy is not about having more, it is about appreciating what you have.  It is about creating and cherishing long-term relationships and cementing those bonds through moments deliberately carved out of a busy schedule.  It is about spending an evening together, not about how much you paid for dinner. The important thing is that you made time for one another.

These experiences are not just for show.  They are to be lingered over and savoured.  Intimacy, respect and authenticity are very hygge.

The Little Book of Hygge by sonja_library