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Local Author -- Metcalfe Village's Auralee Wallace!

Picture of Author Aura Lee Wallace



Summer is finally winding down and although we are enjoying these last few weeks of warm weather, Fall is just around the corner. It’s a great time to discover one of Metcalfe Village’s hidden treasures – the Otter Lake mysteries written by local Metcalfe Village author Auralee Wallace.

Beginning in 2016 with Skinny-dipping with Murder, and continuing this October 31st with the soon-to-be-published fourth book in the Otter Lake series, Ring in the Year with Murder, Auralee has created a rich cast of small town characters (and murderers) who call this tranquil little town home. Erica Bloom is the reluctant protagonist of this popular series who seems to stumble into all sorts of criminal misadventures while investigating these Otter Lake mysteries.  A fifth book, Down the Aisle with Murder is set for release in May of 2018.

One book in particular will be of interest to Metcalfe Village residents as it draws on the local Metcalfe Fair for some of its community fall fair atmosphere, flavour and fun. This is the second book in the series, Pumpkin Picking with Murder.

If you enjoy this series, you can download one of Auralee’s ebooks from the library from her earlier Sidekick in the City series.

Visit the sleepy little town of Otter Lake at your own peril! (and enjoyment).

Auralee Wallace -- Mysteries and Ebooks by TVS