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Looking for a Job?

By incalae


What is growing up all about?

I can’t claim to be an expert, since I’m really just a big kid who watches more cartoons than I care to admit. But I do know that impressing your peers, getting the girl (or boy), earning the respect of your parents, asserting your independence, and, of course, your first car, are all important parts of it.

Some people assert their independence by getting a tattoo, and some people assert their independence by getting a job. Some people do both.

I know that growing up isn’t easy, and that money can’t solve all of life’s problems. But having a few dollars in your pocket certainly can help, especially when it comes to putting gas in the old gas tank.

And that’s where we come in. The library is your source for job finding resources and advice. When it comes to books, aptitude tests, or workshops, we’ve got you covered.

The library has a great collection of books on topics from babysitting to starting your own business, and how to manage your money once you’ve got some. We’ve got online resources, such as Career Cruising, to help you find a job that suits you, what skills you’ll need, how much jobs usually pay, and more. The library also offers workshops, annually, in June and during March break, with presentations to help improve your interview skills and resume writing, and to help familiarize you with job-search resources.