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Lookouts - the next must-read comic

from inside the comic, a person huddled up in a tree root

If you love Lumberjanes, Dungeons and Dragons, and or awesome comic books, oh man do I have the next read for you.

Lookouts, written by Ben McCool, is based on the popular web comic of the same name. It follows a group of young boys who have joined the lookouts. Think robin-hood styled boy scouts meets dangerous, magical adventures. Along with their leader, Samson, they must journey through the magic-filled Eyrewood forest completing tasks to earn badges. The first arc of the series follows the group as they try to earn the riddle badge by outsmarting a sphinx that is killing anyone who doesn’t answer its riddle properly.

cover of Lookouts with the lookouts sitting ina tree

With clever writing and outstanding art, I instantly became obsessed with this series. My only qualm? That there isn’t more of it for me to read immediately.

Don’t miss out on this one – reserve a copy today! And, don’t forget to comment and tell me what you thought about it!

Image: Lookouts


By McCool, Ben


Have you read Nimona by Stephenson yet? It's another fab graphic novel.

Thank you for the hint, I've put myself on the list for this one!