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For the Love of Ukraine

Ukraine Flag

Mar 11, 2022

As we lurch from one significant event to the next, it can be heartbreaking to watch Ukrainians struggle in the midst of the current tragedy and global conflict. OPL invites you to learn more about this country, its history, its people and their culture through books, films and online language tools.


For the Love of Ukraine Reading List


Mango Languages -Self-directed language instruction in 9 languages is available through Mango Languages including Ukrainian.

Pronounciator – Pronounciator is a fun and free way to learn any of 163 languages including Ukrainian.


Kanopy –To provide further context on Ukraine and its tense history with Russia, Kanopy has carefully curated a collectionof documentary and narrative films focused specifically on Ukraine.

For the Love of Ukraine/Pour l'amour de l'Ukraine
by Stéphanie_biblio

OPL invites you to learn more about Ukraine through books, films and music. / La BPO vous invite à apprendre davantage au sujet de l’Ukraine par voie de livres, de films et de la musique.