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Up the Magic Mountain - Unveiled Mysteries


Unveiled Mysteries Unveiled Mysteries One of the many places in the world I would like to visit on annual pilgrimage is Mount Shasta.  In the 1920’s, Guy Ballard was led to an ‘other-dimensional’ rendev-vous with Europe’s Miracle Man, the Master St-Germain on the slopes and meadows of the fabulous mountain.  He began writing of his adventures in a collection of many volumes and went on to establish numerous temples. Since then people have been coming to Mount Shasta to catch a glimpse of the fabled Ascended Masters and the community of 5th Dimensional Beings called the Lemurians purported to live within a city of Light, deep inside the mountain. Other titles by Godfre Ray King (formerly Guy Ballard) are: The Magic Presence The Magic Presence  The "I AM" Discourses