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Manotick Artist of the Month for January: The 'local colour' with Lara Charlebois


The month's Artist of the Month for the Manotick is Lara Charlebois, who is sharing her works of vibrant landscapes and musical instruments.  She had exhibited last year at this location, and her work and brief biography can be found in the link below.

Manotick's earlier blog entry for Lara Charlebois

Her landscape paintings include some local landmarks found around Manotick and Kars.  In fact, as Lara was installing one of her paintings, a patron recalled the store depicted as one she recognized with fond memories when she lived nearby.  A remarkable coincidence!

Seeing red. A painting by Lara Charlesbois

Another lovely painting depicts a stately red found around the outskirts of Kars, just south of Manotick.  Lara mentions that after she completed the painting, the barn has since been altered.

Kars barn by Lara Charlebois

As you can see, this image inspire thoughts of a lovely rural summer.

Lara's exhibit is held until the end January.