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May 2nd is World Labyrinth Day

Apr 29, 2020


Labyrinths are ancient patterns found all over the world. Their origins are mysterious and their patterns vary, but most include a complex and circuitous path that leads from a start point to a center. They are often beautiful and peaceful places. In the Middle Ages labyrinths were often used as substitutes for long pilgrimages.  Nowadays, meandering labyrinths are often used as walking meditations.

On Saturday, May 2nd, the Labyrinth Society organizes an annual World Labyrinth Day as a worldwide action to “walk as one at 1” local time to create a rolling wave of peaceful energy across the globeIn my neighbourhood in Ottawa, you will sometimes see people walking in this outdoor public labyrinthat All Saints’ Anglican Church on Richmond Road in Westboro.

This year, as group gatherings are not possible, many will gather virtually.  In Ottawa, you can join a virtual labyrinth walk herewith Christ Church Cathedral Ottawa.  Some will use finger labyrinths: an image of a labyrinth to trace with a finger.  Here you will find a printable finger labyrinth

The Labyrinth Society offers lots of information and activities about World Labyrinth Day on their webpage here.

If you want to learn more about walking and meditation, the library has the following resources to borrow:


Blog post contributed by Martha from our Rockcliffe Park branch.