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  • Contactless Returns and Holds Pickup Service at OPL


    OPL is offering contactless returns and holds pickup service at select branches, during new hours of operation. Find the details of this new service and branch opening dates here.

    • RETURNS will be accepted only during hours of operation, no appointment necessary. Due dates for currently checked out materials have been extended and late fees suspended.
    • HOLDS PICKUPS are by appointment only. Make an appointment here.

    In accordance with Ottawa Public Health directive, please wear a mask when entering a branch.

    For information about Library cards, virtual programs, and more, contact  InfoService by phone or email.

Meet OPL’s Teen Blogger in Residence for this Winter/Spring!


  Hello world, I’m Rachel.  Let me introduce myself: I’m 13, I dance A LOT and my dream goal is to be an author, actor or photographer. Of course I love books; I’m really into fantasy, romance, adventure and mysteries.


Beautiful Redemption Changeling The Rising

  My favourite books right now are the Order of Darkness series by Philippa Gregory, Infernal Devices and Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, the Darkness Rising series by Kelley Armstrong and the Wildefire series by Karsten Knight. The sad part is for all of those series, the next book isn’t out yet!!! So currently I’m looking for new books to read. I just finished reading the very last in the Beautiful creatures series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, and I’m hoping to go see the movie!

   I love books so much because I like pretending that I’m in a whole different world, where my problems seem so small compared to what the characters have to deal with. It’s also cool to see different places from another person’s perspective, it’s also nice because through the character you can visit places and time periods you’ve never been before. Getting lost in a fabulous book is also a good distraction from the homework I have to do later, and I’m sure we can all agree that homework is not fun. I’m really looking forward to sharing my book adventures with you over the next few months!


Great start to library blogging- I think your dreams will come true :-]