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Mini Bookmobile

Image of the new mini bookmobile

Alternative Services is thrilled to announce the addition of a third vehicle in its Bookmobile fleet!!

To celebrate this important event, the Ottawa Public Library will be officially  launching the mini Bookmobile on Wednesday June 3rd 2015 at 10:30 am, at the Hunt Club bookmobile stop (in the parking lot of the Hunt Club Centre, 3310 McCarthy Road).

In addition to popular books and movies, we will have Maker equipment on board, including a Maker Bot Mini (3D printer), a quadcopter, Chromebooks, Makey Makeys and LED Throwies to play with. Everybody is welcome on board!

The mini Bookmobile will be used for special events to bring people together, to raise awareness of the entire Bookmobile Service across the City, to ensure service continuity when one of the large bookmobiles is down for maintenance, and to explore new tools for the future.

Come visit us and spread the word!