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Moon of the Crusted Snow by Waubgeshig Rice

national indigenous history month ebook

Jun 21, 2023

Have you read Waubgeshig Rice’s Moon of the Crusted Snow? This month, there is no wait to read the eBook or listen to the downloadable audiobook! Login and borrow a digital copy today through the month of June 2023.

With winter looming, a small northern Anishinaabe community goes dark. Cut off, people become passive and confused. Panic builds as the food supply dwindles. While the band council and a pocket of community members struggle to maintain order, an unexpected visitor arrives, escaping the crumbling society to the south. Soon after, others follow.

The community leadership loses its grip on power as the visitors manipulate the tired and hungry to take control of the reserve. Tensions rise and, as the months pass, so does the death toll due to sickness and despair. Frustrated by the building chaos, a group of young friends and their families turn to the land and Anishinaabe tradition in hopes of helping their community thrive again. Guided through the chaos by an unlikely leader named Evan Whitesky, they endeavor to restore order while grappling with a grave decision.

Blending action and allegory, Moon of the Crusted Snow upends our expectations. Out of catastrophe comes resilience. And as one society collapses, another is reborn.

Fellow readers, I come to you with an admission. I read this book for the first time this past weekend! You can, too! The story is well-paced, ominous, and nuanced. You want to know what happens to these characters; you will change your weekend plans for this story, and that is an excellent change of course. Initially curious as to what prompted the outage events, I soon became engrossed in the short and long-term survival and life of the community. As well as the community before the outages, the families, the generations. It remains with you.

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A great read

This book is well written and I highly recommend it. Especially if you like the genre. And there are rumours the author is writing a sequel!

Yep, the sequel is coming out

Yep, the sequel is coming out in October

A fantastic read, with a sequel coming this fall

Moon of the Turning Leaves is scheduled for release in October, and is set 10 years later