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Movie Nights at the Library: December edition

Four posters in line for Eyes Wide Shut, Tangerine, 2046 and Gremlins

Dec 02, 2022

"Movies Set During the Holidays but Not About the Holidays" Movie Nights a.k.a "Good Movies to Play in December" Movie Nights

Lights, tinsel, romance!...and mogwais. These films are good and are set in December so we hope you enjoy. Note that more than ever there is a MATURE ADVISORY for these films since many contain scenes including sexual content and violence...but they are good so if you're good with that then we're good. These very good films will screen at the Main branch of Ottawa Public Library in our auditorium on every Tuesday of December.

Here's a selection of good films:

First up is Eyes Wide Shut (1999) by Stanley Kubrick. Bill and Alice Harford live in a well-off part off Manhattan with their daughter Helena. They attend a party thrown by one of Bill's patients. Once seperated, two young models attempt to seduce Bill while at another end of the party. an older man attempts to seduce Alice. An emergency event requires Bill to have to abandon the festivities and fulfill his duty as a doctor. After the party, they return home, smoke some marijuana and discuss their interactions at the party. Things get a bit heated and Alice reveals that in the recent past she had comtemplated having an affair. After the revelations, the conversation is cut short and Bill is summoned to the house of a patient that just passed away (by the way that whole scene at home is godlike). Bill spends the night out tending to business, then wandering aimlessly as he tries to process the revelations from his wife. He eventually ends up at a jazz club where his old medical school friend Nick, that he reunited with at the party, has a residency. Nick tells him that he'll be playing at a party later that night, but that it's a party like none he's ever seen before. An intrigued Bill decides he must go to this mysterious party. What happens next leads Bill to enter a world he's perhaps not ready of excessive power, mystery and danger. This film is great and I adore it so please come and watch.

The second film will be Tangerine (2015) by Sean Baker .Ahhhh yeeee. Transgender sex worker Sin-Dee is back on the block. After being released from a 28-day sentence in prison, she finds out from her friend Alexandra that her boyfriend/pimp Chester has been cheating on her with a cisgender woman. Determined to get her revenge on both Chester and the woman, Sin-Dee leaves the Donut Time in a fury to start her vengeful quest. Alexandra trails behind and attempts to calm her friend down. The adventure brings them to many locations on the streets of West Hollywood. Tangerine is kinetic and full of energy. Please come check out this instant classic.

Our third film will be the 2004 film 2046 by Wong Kar-wai. In the future, a train takes passengers to a place giving them the ability to recapture their lost memories. Nothing ever changes in this place and no one suffers loss. However, only one person has returned from this place named 2046; Tak, who also acts as narrator. This is in reality the premise for science fiction writer Chow Mo-wan new book. Throughout the years Chow attempts to complete his novel, he enters many passionate affairs with captivating women. But with each affair the realities of existence start to blend with the fiction in his stories. Is his future so intimately tied with his past?

The final film is Gremlins (1984) by Joe Dante. Seeking a new and original gift for his son, a gadget maker goes to a shop in Chinatown. He finds a mysterious but cute little creature and instantly wants it for his son. The shopkeeper is at first very hesitant to sell him the creature, insisting that this 'mogwai" is far too much work and could potentially be a danger. The shopkeeper eventually relents and sells him the mogwai, but lays out three rules that must be followed: never expose it to bright light, don't let it come into contact with water and never feed it after midnight. The gadget maker's son Billy receives and adores his new gift. He becomes very attached to the mogwai he's now named Gizmo. However, one night the rules are accidentally broken which sets in motion the creation of gremlins. Billy and his friend Kate work hard to contain the monstrous threat the gremlins have on their hometown.

The schedule is as follows:

December 6th - Eyes Wide Shut

December 13th - Tangerine

December 20th - 2046

December 27th - Gremlins

All screenings will begin at 5:30PM EXCEPT for Eyes Wide Shut because it's longer but it's awesome so yeah. That one starts at 5:10PM

Note: The films are intended for a mature audience. The films contain violence, nudity, strong language and drug use. The films will be screened in their original language with English subtitles where applicable.