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National #AccessAbility Week: OPL making Accessible improvements

Assistive tech station, touch screen, large print keyboard, rollerball mouse and scanner

This year, May 31st marks Accessibility Day in Ottawa. This year’s Accessibility Day is hosted by Ottawa Public Health and focuses on Health-Ability.

The information forum will showcase City departments and organizations who focus on health services. The Ottawa Public Library will have a booth, promoting our Accessibility Services, including Homebound Services, collections for residents with a print disability, and other accessibility projects. Come learn about bibliotherapy, too: the practice of reading fiction as therapy! For more information about bibliotherapy, check out the resources in the OPL collection below, or read these articles:

In celebration of Accessibility Day, Accessibility Services is highlighting two recent improvements to OPL’s services that help make OPL a more inclusive environment. 

  1. Our assistive technology stations have been upgraded to be more accessible for our customers. The upgrades include:

    1. Windows 10 assistive software, including features such as a built-in narrator, magnifier, high contrast options, and close captioning;
    2. A home-like desktop experience, with applications now listed on the Start Menu of Windows;
    3. A 23” touchscreen monitor with new privacy screens;
    4. New peripheral equipment, including the  keyboard, mouse and assistive mouse;
    5. A new ergonomic armrest. The armrest allows those who experience strain in their arm, neck and back when using a computer to use an armrest located between the chair and the table.
  2. Changes to self-check out machine receipts: Do you have trouble reading your receipt from the library’s self-check out machines? Good news! The receipts from the self-check out machines are now printed in a larger font size, making your receipts easier to read, even if you check out multiple books!

Join us in celebrating OPL’s accessible services at Accessibility Day, which will take place at City Hall starting at 9:30am on May 31st.  

Come by the OPL information booth and say hello! 

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Literature & Disability by Alexandra_library

Inspired by a January 2018 article in the Guardian and Kerry Clare's blog on 49th Shelf: "Disability is everywhere in literature, across all periods and genres – which can show us the way to go beyond stereotypes today." Sources: