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National Library Outreach Day: OPL’s brand new flagship bookmobile

Nouveau bibliobus de la BPO (turquoise et blanc) sur le trottoir

Apr 06, 2021

Happy National Library Outreach Day!  From the first horse drawn book cart to the latest wifi-enabled sprinter, bookmobiles have been taking the learning to where it's needed since the 1800s.  The Ottawa Public Library's first bookmobile, a simple truck and camper-style trailer, hit the road in 1953.  The OPL's brand new flagship bookmobile packs more of a modern punch; 43 feet of educational mayhem with an aisle so wide you could bowl five pin; packed with museum passes, dvds and children's collections.  A mobile treasure trove, each visit will yield new and unexpected finds.  We truck downtown, uptown and every place in between through snowstorms and spectacular fall colours. 

The next time we're in your neighbourhood come check us out!  It's what Mad Max would drive, if Mad Max were a librarian. 



Is there any chance your bookmobile pass by our address? We live in 665 Bathgate Dr, K1K3Y4, Apt 1103, Ottawa, Ontario. Thank you