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Need Help with Computers and Technology?

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Aug 26, 2020

The Ottawa Public Library is happy to announce an exciting new session at its Tech Café.  We are again partnering with the Ottawa PC Users Group and BYMUG (the Bytown MAC Users Group to provide you with presentations on a wide variety of topics like improving your Windows performance, creating blogs, buying digital cameras, securing your home network and passwords, and using your Apple devices.  Please consult the following web page for a complete listing of all our Tech Café presentations.
Do you need more personalized help?  Try the library’s phone and email tutorials.  You can sign up for these on the Library’s 1:1 page.  Or if you need more detailed instruction, use our online resources or Toutapprendre for video courses on a wide variety of technological topics.  Just remember to sign into your library account before clicking on any of the 3 links above. 
And of course, the library has books and ebooks on a wide variety of computers and technology.  Have look at the resourcres in these Bibliocommons lists (Windows 10, MAC Computers/Les Ordinateurs MAC, and Apple Devices/Les Appareils Apple) or create your own list.

Windows 10
by Shayna_library

This list is meant to be used with the presentations Windows 10 : the Good, the Bad and the Ugly and Windows Performance Tune-up being given by the Ottawa PC Users Group.

Apple Devices / Appareils Apple
by Shayna_library


Tech Cafe

Is it possible to see the Tech Cafe sessions at other times other than Monday mornings? i.e. are they stored somewhere where one could access them. Thanks

Tech Café scheduling

Thank you for your question regarding the scheduling of the Tech Cafés. As you will see from the lineup for the fall, we do have a few that are on Monday afternoons. The fall 2020 online Tech Cafe sessions are not being recorded. We do send the slides of each presentation to all registrants following each session and so we encourage you to register in order to receive the slides. We hope you are available for the Monday afternoon sessions live.

Tech Cafe -Take that Picture scheduled on Monday Oct 19 at 10AM

Hello, I did register for this session, and missed the presentation as I had to return an item due at the library at Carling wood. Where can I see the slides of the presentation, which was not sent to all registrants as explained above. Thank you for your assistance.


Hello, Thank you for your inquiry and we apologize for the confusion. As the ByMUG User Group presentations this fall, on iPhones and iPads, do not use slides (they use a live demo technique on the screen), we have decided to record the sessions by these presenters and will be putting them on the Ottawa Public Library YouTube page once they are captioned for accessibility. We appreciate your patience.

Tech Cafe -Take that Picture

Plz re-schedule this program. Many people like me who missed it, can get an opportunity to attend.

Tech Cafe -Take that Picture recorded

We have recorded this session and will be putting it on the Ottawa Public Library YouTube channel once it is captioned for accessibility. Watch for it later this year so that you can view it at your convenience! With thanks for your patience.