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New eResources : iPolitics

Mar 13, 2020

Great news! Effective Monday March 23, 2020, new e-Resources: iPolitics will be available for our customers. 

We are proud to say that OPL is the first Canadian public library to offer iPolitics. 

Politics is Canada’s only digital-native news service covering politics, policy and the business of government.

Learn how politicians make decisions that affect your life and our country.

"From daily news to deep analysis - we’ve got you covered. If it happens on the Hill - we’re on it! Journalism that doesn’t follow the herd. "-iPolitics.

For Ottawa as a capital city and government town, this unique content will meet the needs of a large government workforce.

iPolitics is a leading Ottawa-based digital political news outlet. By subscribing to this online news service, OPL would be supporting local Ottawa journalism.