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A new Library card means friendship and a free USB Friendship bracelet!

A hand holding a Library card and wearing a green OPL friendship bracelet.

Thu, Oct 21, 2021

The Friends of the Ottawa Public Library Association (FOPLA) is the epitome of a near and dear friend to Ottawa Public Library, supporting innovative programs, enhancements to Library spaces and furniture, and a strong supporter of literacy in Ottawa. FOPLA’s generosity, made possible by the devoted efforts of its more than 300 volunteers, helps OPL provide positive and enriching experiences to customers and the community in its 33 physical locations across the city.

October is Library Month and FOPLA is our proud partner and “best friend” in OPL’s awareness campaign to urge more people to take advantage of all the benefits of a Library card. The theme for Library Month at OPL is friendship and more specifically: “Bring a friend to the Library, bring the Library to a friend.” It’s a call to action and a reminder of the welcoming, inclusive, and helpful services available to every OPL cardholder. Not to mention the extraordinary collections, resources and events on offer at North America’s largest bilingual English and French public library: books, eBooks, audiobooks, musical instruments, telescopes, museum passes and more.   

Every new customer to sign up for an OPL Library card this month will receive a USB flash drive friendship bracelet with 4 GB of storage – and so will the friend who referred them (while quantities last).  The funds for these cool and handy USB friendship bracelets were kindly donated by, who else, FOPLA! Yet another reason why friends don’t let friends go without a Library Card.

Happy Library Month from our friends to yours!