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New magazines for 2019!


The Ottawa Public Library (OPL) is excited to announce new magazine titles that will be available at its branches in early 2019.

Black Girls Magazine is written and illustrated by young Canadian girls aged 8 to14. This magazine currently publishes semi-annually, but hopes publish quarterly in 2019.  You can find Black Girls Magazine in the children’s sections of the Alta Vista, Centennial, and St-Laurent branches starting with the December 2018 issue.




From their website: “Cosplay Culture Magazine is the world’s premiere cosplay magazine, celebrating all aspects of creativity and pop culture, including comics, movies, anime, gaming, and DIY. Founded in January 2015, Cosplay Culture is devoted to giving a voice to the cosplay community and celebrating the lifestyle, as well as pushing the boundaries of cosplay in our culture. Each year CCM covers over fifty cons of all sizes across the globe, including Australia, Ireland, Canada, and South America, as well as the US.”


You can find Cosplay Culture in the adult magazine section at the Main branch starting with the January 2019 issue.



Reader’s Digest Large Print edition is a current affairs magazine for customers with visual impairments. It can be found at the Metcalfe Village branch and through Homebound Services starting with the February 2019 issue.


Wakou is a French magazine for children aged 4 to 8. Each monthly issue contains articles, photographs, and activity ideas based on nature, environmental protection, and wildlife. You can find Wakou at the Greenboro branch starting this winter.



Kazoo is a quarterly magazine for girls aged 5 to 12, and was nominated for a 2017 National magazine award. This magazine celebrates girls for being strong, smart, and fierce. You can find Kazoo magazine at the Greenboro branch this winter. 



3 Fois Par Jour is a quarterly French cooking and lifestyle magazine. You can find this magazine at the Greenboro branch this winter.