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New Online Resource : Canada’s Information Resource Centre

Canada's Information Resource Centre

Tue, Mar 01, 2022

Good news!

Canada’s Information Resource Centre now provides online access to five titles that we currently have in our print collection:

  1. Canadian Almanac and Directory
    • The Canadian Almanac & Directory includes over 50,000entries covering hundreds of topics, making this the -a favourite reference tool for collected facts and figures about Canada.
    • The online Almanac section has its own pages and is searchable along with the directory.
  2. Associations Canada
    • Associations Canada provides the most comprehensive picture of Canada's non-profit sector, covering nearly 20,000 regional, national, and international organizations and groups.
    • It also includes industry, commercial, and professional associations, registered charities, special interest and common interest organizations.
    • Introductory material is only available in PDF format; other content is searchable from the search fields.
  3. Canadian Parliamentary Guide
    • The Canadian Parliamentary Guide provides the most complete and comprehensive information source on elected and appointed members in federal and provincial governments.
    • Introductory material is only available in PDF format; other content can be searched from various fields.
  4. Canadian Who’s Who
    • Published since 1910, this publication captures the lives and achievements of over 10,000 of today's Canadian notable professionals, including artists, politicians, public servants, academics, writers, doctors, philanthropists, business moguls, athletes, and more.
    • Online access includes its own search screen … just click on the title and it will take you to the search screen:
  5. FP Survey Predecessor & Defunct
    • The Predecessor & Defunct is a comprehensive record of changes to Canadian public corporations.
    • It is not searchable through search fields, but you can view a PDF version of the book

Since all those five printed titles are for in-library use only, this online remote access will provide a convenient option to access a diverse array of virtual who’s who and what’s where in Canada.

This online access is for a single user license, If you have trouble logging on you may wish to try again later.