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A new picture book about Internet safety


Every night a little chicken sneaks into farmer’s home to access his computer to order things. “She bought a hundred handbags and shoes from every site” then she continued to buy gifts for all her farm animal friends. “She ordered scooters for the sheep and skates for all the swine, a car for the cows, and Spanish holiday for the bull and more”. When all her chicken friends sailed away on a boat she bought, she tried to find a little chicken friend online so she won’t feel alone. She posted her photograph and gave her name and age online, so she could enter a chat room to find her friend. Then she went to the deep wood to meet her online friend face-to-face. (without telling Mum or Dad). Her online chicken friend turned out to be a fox!

Although this online dating example is not very suitable for younger kids, now that even kindergarten kids can use a tablet in their classroom, this rhyming, silly, timely and cautionary tale will be a good starting point for parents and teachers to discuss the dangers of misusing the Internet and how to stay safe online with this young iPad  generation. 

Image: Chicken Clicking

Chicken Clicking

By Willis, Jeanne/ Ross, Tony (ILT)