Not Fade Away: Digitizing and Preserving Family Photos


Hands up if you have a box stuffed with old family photos in your basement or attic, that you’re going to get around to sorting through one of these days – real soon. Or if you’re holding on to treasured photos from generations ago that you want to preserve properly. . . or even if you’re that rare person whose photos are all properly stored and labelled, and you’re ready to take the next step of preserving and sharing them digitally.  I’m stuck in the first disorganized category, and I can’t wait for Kyla Ubbink’s presentation “Not Fade Away: Digitizing and Preserving Family Photographs” at Nepean Centrepointe this Wednesday.

A professional conservator with many years of experience, Kyla is also a popular speaker and the owner of UBBINK Book and Paper Conservation. Her presentation will show us practical solutions for storing photos, and discuss how to convert and maintain them in digital format. Whatever the state of your photo collection, Kyla’s tips are sure to be invaluable.  They may even motivate me to tackle those boxes in the basement. . .  Join us October 12 at Nepean Centrepointe.  Register online here: Not Fade Away: Digitizing and Preserving Famiy Photographs  or call InfoService at 613-580-2940.


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