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A nun in red heels


Jane Christmas continues to catch my attention. Author of What the Psychic Told the Pilgrim and The Pelee Project, Jane is Canadian born.

I wonder how many of us long for a retreat, a place and time to heal, regenerate or contemplate.

Jane takes this time, a brave choice considering a marriage proposal on the table. The fact that she pursued a calling to enter a convent and that her long time partner supported her decision speaks volumes about the kind of people that these two are.

In a world where many people say whatever pops into their heads Jane found that silence is a language of the convent. She likens it to "possessing a supernatural capacity to pick up birdsong and using it to deduce a change in global environmental patterns."

This is an author who can bring you into personal reflection or provoke laughter. Keep in mind one of the convents is in Whitby, England, home to Dracula, and maybe one of the few places to buy a toilet brush with Dracula's head as the handle.

And Then There Were Nuns is a journey in which you might meet yourself or recognize others, a heartfelt, humorous travelogue.