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October is Library Month!

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Oct 04, 2022

Welcome to October ̶ and Library Month! We have fun and thought-provoking activities lined up in all of Ottawa Public Library’s 33 branches and online. We hope you will join in and spread the word about what you enjoy most about the Library.  

We also want to show our appreciation to all of you: readers, learners, makers, writers, artists, researchers, gamers, researchers, seekers and explorers of all kinds. OPL is here for you! To help you stay curious, connected and well-informed.  

This October, Ottawa Public Library (OPL) will be highlighting its important role in countering misinformation and disinformation and to support information literacy skills. OPL’s theme this year is a reminder and call to action: 

            “Read between the lines/ Lire entre les lignes” 

Given the sheer volume of mis- and disinformation in a world characterized by “fake news” and information overload, libraries can help customers of all ages to become more information savvy, to think critically and upgrade their skills for seeking, finding and interpreting information.  

All month, in various ways, OPL will be reaching out to promote the abundance of high-quality resources available at the Library with a free OPL card. OPL is a trustworthy source of credible information, diverse informed perspectives and helpful expertise.  

Let’s flag the importance of information literacy as a crucial skill in flooded and frantic media landscape of today. Share your thoughts, questions and experiences with us. Join this timely conversation and participate in Library Month activities online (on OPL social media channels and website) and in-branch. During Library Month you could win a limited-edition “thinking cap” emblazoned with the “Read between the lines!” message.   

An additional bonus during Library Month, any new customer to sign up for a library card will receive their choice of a locally-made OPL fanny pack or book bag and so will the person who referred them (while supplies last). Remember, Ottawa residents can register online or in person for a OPL library card – always FREE.  

In so many ways, the Library is a place that brings people together and helps forge connections that build stronger communities, so we hope you to carry your OPL card with pride and to use it often. We hope to see you and hear from you very soon and celebrate Library Month together.  

Special thanks to the Friends of Ottawa Public Library Association for their support to Library Month!