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October is Library Month! Join OPL to celebrate libraries and democracy

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Oct 24, 2023

Reaffirming its dedication to fostering informed, empowered, and engaged citizenship, Ottawa Public Library (OPL) is celebrating Library Month – October – with a vibrant month-long campaign centered on the theme of democracy and the critical role libraries play in supporting a strong community.  

OPL’s theme for Library Month this year is “Your Library, your democracy / Votre Biblio, votre démocratie.” 

Bring a friend! Get a special book bag! 

Here's the deal — introduce a friend, a family member, or someone in your community to the delights of the Library. Help them get their library card, and we've got a special thank-you waiting for you both. Limited-edition book bags designed with love and with many happy visits to OPL in mind.  

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Enjoy an enlightening event on the Library Month theme 

Throughout October, you are invited to look more closely at how public libraries, notably your OPL, contribute to democracy. OPL provides free and inclusive access to spaces, collections, programs, resources, and expertise; and we defend the free and open exchange of lawful information and ideas, respecting individual’s rights to privacy and choice. These are key ways the Library helps citizens learn and stay informed, which supports civic engagement and the development of a just and equitable society.  

Here are just a few of the exciting programs we have in store during October: 

See you soon in the library, where your voice counts, your presence matters, and your democracy thrives. 

Special thanks to the Friends of Ottawa Public Library Association for their generous support to Library Month and to OPL all year long! 

Happy Library Month!