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One of the upsides of being the OPL Teen Blogger


    One of the upsides of being the OPL Teen Blogger is you get Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs) of books. Which is awesome because I get to read them and then tell you if I liked it or not, and then you guys can decide if you want to get it. Recently, I got my first batch of ARCs and I decided to do a review on the one I liked the most, which of course was The Runaway King by Jennifer A. Nielsen, the sequel to The False Prince.


 I advise if you haven’t read the first book yet don’t read any further because there may be spoilers for the first book!

    In this book Jaron is trying to convince his court of the upcoming war against Avenia but nobody believes him. He has to run away in order to save his kingdom, which introduces a whole slew of new characters and adventures. Jaron is still my favourite character because he’s reckless, loyal and always attempts to do the right thing. My least favourite character is Devlin, the head pirate. I don’t like Devlin because well, he’s the bad guy, and like all bad guys he’s not nice, and on top of that he doesn’t really shower or anything sooo.... ew. 

   Like the first book in this series, I absolutely, positively loved it!!! If you haven’t read the first book yet (you shouldn’t have read this far if you haven’t) then you HAVE to read it, I insist. Now I’m awaiting the third book in the series... sigh. Have a fabulous week!

Happy Reading!!!