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Open Yourself up to a World of Poetry

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Apr 05, 2020

National Poetry Month, led by the League of Canadian Poets, is a time to appreciate poetry, read poetry, listen to poetry, write poetry, and share poetry.  We can do all this online!  The League’s theme for 2020 is geared to inspire conversations about how poetry is expressed around the world, as well as the impacts of poetry in different cultures.  What does poetry mean for your life experiences, your perspectives and your identity?  Get inspired by reading this blog post on why poetry is good for the soul.

Get involved in Poetry Month!

Take up the Poem in your Pocket challenge from the League of Canadian Poets.  Choose your favourite poem from this list and share it.  Read it online or at home to family and friends! 

How about writing some poetry about all your feelings and the events in your life?  If you’ve never tried poetry before, have a look at poetics forms and writing prompts on the site Poetry in Voice for inspiration. This site is good for all ages!  

Watch videos and guides to get you started.   We have chosen a few simple ones:  

Share your poems on social media with the hashtag #NPM2020

Watch for blogs with challenges for each week of poetry month!  

Browse OPL’s collection of Poetry and Poetry Readings

The Ottawa Public Library has many online ways you can read and listen to poetry online, including eBooks, streaming video performances, and downloadable audiobooks. Click here to see a list of more than 500 ideas! You can sort this list by “Publication date” and see the most recent first. You can start with:

Check out the poem of the week

The Griffin Trust for Excellence in Poetry has a poem of the week you can browse:  

Attend our Ottawa Online Poetry Slam Event 

Ottawa Public Library is planning to organize an online poetry slam event towards the end of this month. Stay tuned!