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The OPL App's Scan ISBN Feature


So there you are, listening to your friend tell you all about this fantastic new book he just bought. It looks great, and you’re itching to wrestle it away from him and start reading – but he’s not quite finished yet. Want to see if the library has a copy right now? 

•    Open up the OPL app on your phone or tablet, and click search (the magnifying glass) in the top right corner. 
•    Now if you look to the top left corner, you’ll see Scan ISBN. Clicking that button will turn the camera on your device into a scanner. 
•    A viewfinder will appear on your screen. Line it up with the ISBN barcode on the back cover of the book you’d like to search for. It might take a little practice to get the hang of it. 
•    Once it turns green, you’ll automatically be returned to the OPL app to see the search results. 

You can then proceed to place a hold or check locations for available copies – without worrying about your spelling!

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