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OPL Services in the Red-Control Zone

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Mar 19, 2021

As of Friday, March 19, Ottawa is now in the Red-Control Zone to stop the spread of COVID-19. Library services will remain the same.

Throughout the city, 31 Library branches remain open to offer returns and holds pick up inside the branches, with 28 of them also offering browsing and use of public computers. Capacity limits continue to be in effect.  

Hours of operation will remain the same and borrowed items can be returned when branches are open.  

Rest assured that we have read your comments and heard your concerns. We know that you need us to bring back 24-hour book returns as soon as possible. We hope to be able to implement a solution in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, in order to comply with the quarantine requirement and provincial guidelines, book drops cannot be opened when branches are closed as returned items overflow and jam the book drops and automated conveyors. 

We continue to follow direction from the Province of Ontario and guidance from Ottawa Public Health to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community, and as such, mask-wearing inside the branches, and outside in line, remains mandatory. 

Please visit Hours and Locations and Current Branch Services for more detailed information about the services being offered at your local branch, and to place holds on library items. 


OPL - Access to "PUBLIC" Computers with Scanners and Printers

REF: Libraries are ESSENTIAL Services Sir / Madam, In addition to the necessity of the re-opening of the "24 /7 - (Return) Drop-Boxes". There is a significant need for INCREASED access, to the "PUBLIC" computers. Only being able to access a COMPUTER with an Internet connection and a SCANNER, PRINTER, or (COPIER), for a hour or less a day, and that excludes Sundays, when numerous branches are usually open, from September to June, but (still) continue to be closed. Coupled with the (on-going) Sunday closures, the current (overall) branch hours are insufficient, especially, the evening hours, from Monday to Thursday. As well, individuals must be able to book a computer, over a seven-day period, not the current dismal, only three days and individuals need to be able to book for two or more consecutive hours, each day. For those many OPL Management and Employees, who are NOT part of the "DIGITAL DIVIDE. That is to say, they do not lack "24/7 access to "high-speed" Internet, linked to a computing device, along with a connected scanner, printer, or copier", I would suggest that each one should try to function, for at least a week, within the current OPL parameters for accessing a "PUBLIC" computer. I propose that their (or your) overall ability to function (well) at work or home, or both would be severely curtailed. Yet, that is the what the OPL, as well as the City of Ottawa, the Province of Ontario, and the Government of Canada have unilaterally imposed on individuals and families, who are part of the "digital divide", for now over one year. For those individuals and families, who are part of the "digital divide", the "PUBLIC" library, whether in Ottawa or elsewhere in Canada, is an absolute necessity. Cordially yours, - dpi_sky -