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OPL's Local Music Collection!


            Ottawa is host to a vibrant, diverse, and ever-burgeoning music scene. Hundreds of musicians, promoters, record labels, retailers, studios, writers, radio hosts, artists, venues, organizers and countless others continue to do tireless and often-innovative work to make the city one in which exciting new music is created and supported.


Papers and blogs like Ottawa Beat, Ottawa Showbox, Apt613 and Photog Music seek to document this music; festivals like Megaphono, Ottawa Explosion, House of PainT and the SoulCity MusicFest have ensured high-profile spotlights shine on Ottawa musicians and have introduced international artists to the city's scene; and initiatives like the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition's Love Local Music campaign (including its local music playlists), ArtEngine's Sonicity soundtracks, and the City's emergent Ottawa Music Strategy are working to increase support for and awareness of the local music throughout Ottawa. Local music album covers


Here at OPL, we too we are striving to ensure the vibrancy and availability of Ottawa music. In our catalogue, you'll find an ever-expanding collection of local artists’ albums to borrow or stream. You can check out music of all genres, including the post-punk sounds of Bonnie Doon; the Franco alterna-folk of Mehdi Cayenne; the challenging R&B/hip-hop/spoken word synthesis of King Kimbit; the avant sounds of Jesse Stewart; Loviatar's doom metal; the jazz-inflected soul of KellyLee Evans; and the pow-wow-infused electronic sounds of A Tribe Called Red. The city hosts an increasingly eclectic blend of artists, from New Swears to The Ottawa Bach Choir.


Also, keep an eye out for OPL's other music programming, like our Music In the Stacks lunchtime concert series, and the Musical Instrument Lending Library.


Begin your journey through OPL's local music collection via the list below, which highlights some recent and notable additions to our catalogue. Then, be sure to keep up as we add new music through our new titles portal. Leave a comment with some of your local music recommendations for other patrons to check out!



OPL New Local Music 2017/18by Daniel_Library

Some of our most recent and notable new additions of local Ottawa music!


Awww yes! I'm so glad you added a bunch of The Peptides CDs to your collection. I remember checking for them a few years ago and all you had was The Vinyl Cafe tribute. Thanks for expanding the collection!