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The Ottawa Citizen (1845-2010) digital heritage edition is now available

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May 01, 2020

Excitingnewsfor local history buffs and genealogists -  The OTTAWA CITIZEN (1845-2010) digital heritage editionis nowavailable for our customersfrom the comfort of your home.

This digitized Ottawa Citizen full-image archive includes front-page headlines of the classified ads, marriage and death announcements, comic strips, reviews, display advertising, editorials, birth notices, photographs, and many other article types, to not only understand the news of yesteryear, but more importantly, the context in which it was made. Users can browse by date or perform basic and advanced search options to find information quickly.

Access to this historical newspaper with full image coverage from 1845 to 2010 allows Ottawans to digitally travel back through the centuries to follow politics, society, and events and become eyewitnesses to our local history. It will also provide valuable local genealogy resources.  

For more recent full text content from the Ottawa Citizen consult the Canadian Major Dailies ProQuest (Formerly Canadian Newsstand).


 Blog post contributed by Xiao Feng from our Content Services department.