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Ottawa International Writers Festival Virtual Fall Season - Week 9

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Week 9, October 13 - 18, 2020

Live Author Visits:

Hosted by Mark Sutcliffe. In The Great Reversal: How America Gave Up on Free Markets, Thomas Philippon, one of the world’s leading economists, argues that many key problems of the American economy are due not to the flaws of capitalism or the inevitabilities of globalization but to the concentration of corporate power. By lobbying against competition, the biggest firms drive profits higher while depressing wages and limiting opportunities for investment, innovation, and growth.

In Anne Enright’s seventh novel, Actress, the Irish writer explores the creation and destruction of celebrity in the character of Katherine O’Dell as told through the eyes of her daughter, Norah. Along the way, Enright traces the tragic legacy that Katherine’s celebrity leaves when she dies young and the unique world that Norah grows up in with a mother whose pain ultimately pushes her into madness. Part of One Page: Canada’s Virtual Literary Series.


Hosted by Lucy van Oldenbarneveld and Andrew Pyper. This episode celebrates the thrill of a good mystery. Our three guest authors have all spent a lot of time thinking about where to hide the bodies and how best to throw us off the scent. It’s a good thing they are using those powers to delight and entertain!

Pre-recorded Events:

Margaret Macmillan shares her insights into the very nature of war—from the ancient Greeks to modern times—with CBC’s Adrian Harewood. In her sweeping new book, international bestselling author and historian Margaret MacMillan analyzes the tangled history of war and society and our complicated feelings towards it and towards those who fight.


Ottawa International Writers Festival Virtual Fall Season - Week 9by OttawaNewcomerServices

Titles featured during Week 9 of the Ottawa International Writers Festival Virtual Fall Season, October 13-18, 2020. Please see https://writersfestival.org/events for more details.