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Our new food literacy web hub!

Logo of "'à la carte" OPL's food literacy project.

Q: I’m interested in cooking, nutrition, growing food, and everything in between.

Where can I find more information about the food we eat and grow?

A: On our new food literacy web hub!

Bringing together community stories and library resources linked to food, the à la carte webpage features tips on healthy eating from Ottawa Public Health, blog posts, collections, and all of our food literacy programs and events!

We will also present a monthly story that highlights the food culture in our community on our new storytelling platform. These stories and ideas will be shared through articles, podcasts, photos, and videos, created and curated by us and members of the Ottawa food community. 

So far, our stories have explored Comfort Food- the kind that helps us through the darkest months of the year, and Food That Works - social entreprises delivering the goods.




About à la carte:

OPL’s à la carte food literacy project introduces food literacy into Library programming in fresh ways – in branches and in communities across Ottawa.

With à la carte, the OPL is partnering with local, not for profit community organizations that share a vision for collaboration, innovation, and advocacy around healthy, accessible food and food skills.


Funded by the Government of Ontario. 




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