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Outdoor Activities for Kids

Mar 21, 2020

Staying active, and being outside are crucial to our health. We don't have a plethora of activities and events available to us, like usual.

Finding heart pumping activities for the kids is a real challenge. Since this would normally be close to the start of the NHL playoffs, I purchased a street hockey net and sticks to keep the hockey spirit alive. We have been doing drills and practicing plays. It's been a hoot. If you don't have a net, look at the bottom of this post for a  DIY video on building one out of PVC pipes.

I have, with a lot of resistance, gotten my kids into jogging. Getting them to keep track of their distance with MapMyRun, makes it more interesting for them, and helps them keep track of their favorite routes.

Long walks in the forest with our dog is also a daily occurrence. To add an educational flair to the walks, I downloaded LeafSnap onto my phone. We've had fun identifying trees as we move around the forest. We are also recording clips of our adventures with the hope of making a short video. Log in to using your library card to find instructions on how to make a short video on your phone.

There is also an ebook list to keep you in the spirit of moving.

The Tom Longboat book is not available on ebook. However, remember to read it once we reopen. Let's learn about our Indigenous heroes.

Stay active, stay safe.

Image: Meet Tom Longboat

Meet Tom Longboat

By MacLeod, Elizabeth
Image: Hockey


Then to Wow!
By Page, Sam
Image: Dino-hockey


By Wheeler, Lisa
Image: Running on Empty

Running on Empty

By Durrant, S. E.

How to make a hockey net with PVC pipe