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Overdrive Big Library Read - The Darwin Affair


Join readers across North America from August 3rd-17th and download the Overdrive Big Library Read for free, with no holds and no waiting! The Darwin Affair is a fast-paced mystery that will transport you to the sights, sounds and smells of Victorian London, on the trail of a deadly conspiracy. Tim Mason has peopled this book with real historical figures, including his detective, Inspector Charles Field-- the inspiration for one of Charles Dickens’ most memorable characters, the morally ambiguous Inspector Bucket. The action starts right away, with a failed assassination attempt on the Queen, a gruesome daylight murder and our first glimpse of a mysterious and creepy figure known as The Chorister. But what do these events have to do with Charles Darwin’s controversial Origin of Species? The book will take you from Buckingham Palace to the bloody Smithfield Meat Markets, all the way to Oxford as the conspiracy unfolds.

You can download The Darwin Affair on our Overdrive site or the Libby app, for two weeks starting August 3rd.