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Paranormal Romance Recommendations: Vampire Books

A Quick Bite By Lynsay Sands Cover Image

He’s a 1980s punk-rock vampire who’s given up the will to live... She’s a newly-turned paleontologist who has just made a discovery that will rock the vampire world... They fight crime! (and share a bottle or warm AB+)

From Dracula to Edward (shudder), vampires have always been the hot bad-boy on every lit list.  Whether they’re drinking our blood or saving our world, there are so many paranormal romance books about vampires I will never get through them all. The books below are just a sampling, and they vary from the almost laughably benign vampires to actually terrifying creatures of the night. Either way, they are all sure to entertain.

  • Sweetblood Series, by Laurie London: The Guardians, vampires with a moral code, are doing their best to protect humans from the Darkbloods, powerful, sadistic vampires who have no qualms killing innocents for their blood. There is one rare blood-type that tempts them all: sweet bloods, whose addictive, euphoric blood is almost irresistible for vampires. Can the Guardians protect humans they themselves find so alluringly delicious?
  • Night Prince Series, by Jeaniene Frost: What if the Dracula myth was all true, and maybe even scarier than originally thought? Leila is about to find out that when the guy you fall for is so strong, and so brooding, his love may come with a lot of baggage... and a whole lot of enemies.
  • Argeneau Series, by Lynsay Sands:  For something completely different, and hilarious, try the Argeneau books, about vampires who prefer to call themselves “immortals” and have a very mysterious origin. These books are guaranteed to make you laugh, even though most of the book also include some decent action or mystery to drive the plot along. There are so many books in the series (22 and she is still writing!) that I didn’t include them all below, just my favourites.

So do you prefer your vampires tall, dark and brooding, or funny and light-hearted (not that their heart beats...)?

Next time: Steampunk!

Kim D

Sweetblood Series by Laurie Londonby kim_biblio

Night Prince, by Jeaniene Frostby kim_biblio

Best of the Argeneau Series, by Lynsay Sandsby kim_biblio