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Patrick Lane, Beloved Canadian Poet 1939-2019

This is an image of a Patrick Lane book display at one of OPL's branches.

Patrick Lane's life was filled with poetry, gardens, addictions, and past trauma.  He lived hard, loved hard, and wrote from the depths of his being to share with us his personal expressions of all of his lived experiences.  His memoir There is a Season: a memoir in a garden bared his own soul, through the toiling of soil, rehab from alcoholism and acts of creation.  Winner of numerous awards for his poetry, he was also recognized and loved for his non-fiction, and more recently fiction: Deep River Night was his last novel, published in 2018.  His working class roots influenced his poetry and fiction, and he often spoke and wrote with unflinching honesty about his rough and tumble upbringing, and personal tragedies. Foremost an artist, he mentored many writers, and found great love with another poet, Lorna Crozier.

Remember Patrick Lane best by reading his poetic legacy.

Image: There Is A Season

There Is A Season

A Memoir in A Garden
By Lane, Patrick
Image: Witness


Selected Poems, 1962-2010
By Lane, Patrick
Image: Go Leaving Strange

Go Leaving Strange

By Lane, Patrick
Image: Washita


By Lane, Patrick