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Planning for Retirement on a Low Income


Learn about income security programs.

 Get answers to the following:

  •  What is considered low-income?
  •  What do seniors get in Ontario?
  •  How do you reduce taxable income or get money back
  • How do you protect a low retirement income?

Whether you are a senior, approaching retirement, assisting your family or just concerned, please join us at one of these sessions.  We have two sessions in English and one in French

Presented in partnership with the Council on Aging of Ottawa.  

You will receive handout material with useful information on planning for retirement on a low income.  


Below is a list of website, ebooks and books to explore for further information. 

Retirement on Low Income / Planifier la retraite avec un faible revenu by Jill_Biblio

Canadian resources for supporting those retiring on a low income, including help with energy costs. / Des ressources canadiennes pour la retraite avec un faible revenu.