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Pretty Plant Pots

three plants in pots

May 24, 2020

The sun is shining and the gardens are growing. Why not bring a little bit of that beauty inside with a pretty plant pot? You can plant grass seed, a flower, a succulent, whatever you like, to brighten any room!


  • Craft paint
  • Mini terra cotta flower pots
  • Decorations: Washi tape, paint, buttons, googly eyes, markers
  • Small plant or seeds


  • Paint your pot whatever colour you like and let dry. Acrylic paint works well.
  • Decorate your pot with washi tape, paint, buttons, googly eyes, markers, whatever you like. For my pots, I just used my fingers to make dots, butterflies and flowers.
  • Carefully remove a plant and its roots and transplant them it into your painted pot. Add more soil if necessary.

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Blog post contributed by Lise from our Main branch.