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Public consultation for a new Library branch in Orléans

Sep 13, 2021

OPL is launching a public engagement process that will inform and lead to the establishment of a new Library branch to serve the growing communities of Orléans, Cumberland and the surrounding areas.  

We are gathering public input in a multi-phased approach in order to determine the services needed at the new location south of Innes Road. The first step is an online survey via the City of Ottawa’s Engage Ottawa platform, in English and French, starting September 13 until October 18. A paper copy is also available at the Orléans and Cumberland branches. We are also gathering movement data to support decision-making regarding the location of the new branch. For this analysis of traffic patterns, we are asking residents of Orléans and the surrounding areas to highlight places in the community that are part of their daily, weekly, and monthly routine.  

Further steps will include virtual focus groups with community stakeholders and a virtual open house to report back to the community in early 2022. OPL will reach out to customers again for input when design begins.

Public input will be sought in as many ways as possible, in an open and transparent process, and will be adapted to respond to the changing pandemic realities.


New Branches - Plural - in Orléans

I agree that a new branch should be established in the Orléans neighbourhoods south of Innes Road, given their expansion in progress. I also urge you to consider establishing another new branch of OPL/BPO to serve the neighbourhoods of Orléans north of the Queensway/O-Train/St. Joseph Boulevard corridor, as those neighbourhoods are also expected to have their populations further grow in the next ten years. I do not live in either set of affected neighbourhoods but I can recognize the trends and plans as clearly as anyone.

New Branches in Orleans

I would like to see a new branch in Orleans that is connected to or a short walk from an Orleans LRT Station. With the central Library moving further west I believe an east end option connected to the LRT would best serve the communities. Perhaps Trim Rd. station since it will be a transfer HUB.