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Puzzle art opportunity at Manotick - without being puzzled

Puzzle Art display at Manotick

We have another opportunity for the public to create art at the Manotick Branch Library for a group project!  Last year, the Manotick participated in a "Canada 150 Mosaic" event (see the link here) in which members of the public painted images of objects, people, places which reminded them of Canada.  We had forty-five entries, which were included in our library 'cluster' (libraries in the southwestern corner of Ottawa).

This year, we will have a puzzle.  Not the ones you need to solve but we have several large jigsaw pieces to design with three types of artwork: Zentangle (for which we had a program last year), Mandala drawing, and Mandala Dot Painting.  Some examples are shown here:

Mandela dot paintingMandela drawing

This fall, starting in September, the Manotick Branch is offering afternoon, evening and Saturday programs for these design projects.  The Zentangle program is three weekly sessions in a row, whereas a patron can choose one session each of the Mandala drawing or Mandala dot painting course times.  Click on the links below to register.

Puzzle Art: Mandala Dot Painting

Puzzle Art: Mandala Drawing

Puzzle Art: Zentangle (Tuesday afternoon sessions)

Puzzle Art: Zentangle (Wednesday evening sessions)

Puzzle Art: Zentangle (Saturday afternoon sessions)

We hope to see you there!