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Remembrance Day Display at Cumberland


In the teen section of the Cumberland Branch, you will find a Remembrance Day display brought to you by our Cumberland TAG members.


At our November meeting, our teen volunteers were asked to go out into the branch’s collection and find items (books, DVDs, CDs, images, poems, maps) that spoke to them personally on the subject of Remembrance Day. They then discussed why these ideas were meaningful to them – occasionally respectfully disagreeing with each other! – and how they contribute to a larger conversation about Remembrance Day, war, peace, and Canada’s role to play. I then asked members to pull quotations, lyrics, words, or phrases from these items (or others that came to mind during the discussion), and to copy them out for the display. With their permission, I added a few quotations said by the members themselves over the course of the meeting. All of this led to a further discussion of how the library can help to represent the multiple perspectives and voices of our city.


Stop by the Cumberland branch to have a look at the creative and thought-provoking result of our meeting!


Included below is a list of the items originally selected for display by TAG members – as these items can certainly be checked out, other items may take their place.


No Line on the Horizon

By U2 (Musical group)

Working Through Grief

Self-care Handbook
By Bete, Channing L.
Image: The Living and the Dead

The Living and the Dead

Robert McNamara and Five Lives of A Lost War
By Hendrickson, Paul
Image: A History of Israel

A History of Israel

From the Rise of Zionism to Our Time
By Sachar, Howard Morley
Image: 1910s


By Craats, Rennay


La Bataille De Passchendaele
Image: Waves of Freedom

Waves of Freedom

An Amazing Post War Story of Volunteer American Soldiers
Image: 1940s


By Craats, Rennay