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Remembrance Day is November 11


Nov 11, 2023

Though OPL branches of Ottawa Public Library will be closed on Saturday, November 11 for Remembrance Day, the Library’s extensive collection of books and diverse digital content are a constant resource for stories and information about Canadians and others who found, died, endured and were forever impacted by war. Traditionally Canadians think first of First and Second World Wars, and other major conflicts Canada was officially involved in. However, and sadly, war has been and continues to be a tragic and far-reaching aspect of life in our world, past and present.  

Learn more about the phenomenon of war, be moved and changed by stories of war and war’s far-reaching effects. Explore fiction, non-fiction and a diversity of content that will expand your understanding of war through the resources available at Ottawa Public Library.  

Remembrance Day
by MissAnnie

#kids History books about the wars Canada's armed forces have fought.