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Report from Thursday's Teen Tech Week Video Awards Ceremony and Screening


On Thursday, it was the Teen Tech Week Video Award Ceremony and Screening and my friend and I attended.  It was like a real red carpet event. It even had a photographer to take pictures of you in front of the OPL sign!!


   Check out the Library's photo album on Flickr:

   Once you got into the room you could tell that everyone was excited to find out the winners! Some of my favourite videos were Curious George Rides a Bike, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and 13 Reasons Why.  I thought that those ones were really well done and you could tell that they put a lot of effort into creating them. In the end the big winner was Curious George Rides a Bike! I think it had the best editing and originality AND they had someone dress up in a monkey suit which is always fabulous.


  They also had a super cool band called The Riot Police play; they were really good and you should check out their CD (and like them on Facebook and follow them on twitter). At the intermission there were lots of fun non-alcoholic cocktails, my friend and I tried the cranberry and something cocktail, which turned out to be really tart.

   Overall it was an amazing night and I am so glad I went!  My friend and I are thinking of entering next year, and you should too!

   As always my friends,
   Happy Reading!